Terms and Conditionsbelow are details of the terms of your agreement when you book your swimming lessons. if yuou have any questions, please contact us.

Lessons are paid for in 4 weekly blocks and cost £15 per half hour for one to ones or £11 per person per half hour for 2 to 1.


We reserve the right to cancel a lesson if appropriate payment has not been paid for in advance.


At present, we can only accept cash payments. All payments must be paid directly to Callum or Helen, Not to leisure club reception or hotel. We also have card payments facilities available, please advise in advance if you wish to pay Via debit/credit card to ensure that we have our card reader available on that day.


There will be assessments carried our every 8 weeks, where your Childs progress will be gauged and monitored against STA guidelines.  These are charged at an additional £3.50 per child.

A swimmer’s place is booked and committed to until stated by parent or guardian that they no longer want this place.  The swim instructor reserves the right to discontinue lessons if they feel that the swimmer has progressed has far they can under their supervision.

If you have to cancel one of your sessions, there is a £5 fee to hold your space e.g. missing 2 lessons in a block due to holidays; you would have to pay £30 for lessons and £10 to hold the space for 2 weeks.  You must contact Callum directly on 07810835562 or speak to him in person. You may also contact the Harmony Coaching Director Helen McPherson on 0790186476 if for any reason you are unable to get a hold of Callum. In the event that both are unavailable you can contact the appropriate leisure club as a last resort option.

  • If you do not show for your lesson and have not made an attempt to contact us a minimum of 3 hours before your lesson is due to begin, the full cost of the lesson will be applicable. 

  • In the event that Callum/David cannot make the sessions, we will endeavour to find a replacement coach for the session.  If a replacement cannot be found, the fee you have been charged for the session will be carried over.

    In the unlikely event that the facility is unable to hold the lessons on that day, your payment will again be carried over. We will review the payment dates regularly and keep you informed at each lesson of when payments are due,


    It is the parent/guardians responsibility to notify the instructors of any medical conditions that is likely to impede a swimmers safety or ability to participate.


    It is a compulsory condition of lesson for children that a parent/guardian is present within the facilities throughout their lesson.  This is to comply with child protection recommendations.


    if a swimmer fails to attend scheduled lessons 3 times consecutively, then Harmony Swim School reserves the right to remove them from their slot.



    We reserve the right to terminate lessons if any of the above conditions are not adhered to.

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